Dylan Rey & Associates is a full service Internetworking Technology, Security and Telecommunications Professional Services Firm.  Our consultant and training services focus on technologies that best fit each individual customers.  DRA offers Internetworking,  Network Security, Wireless LANs (WLANs) Voice over IP (VoIP) assessments, integration, deployment and managed services.

DRA began as an IT Network certification and training company focused on delivering Cisco, Voice, Security and Wireless training solutions. Leveraging this broad skill set from the training disciplines, Dylan Rey & Associates emerged as a professional network services firm. Today DRA delivers a complete suite of IT Networking Solutions.

Dylan Rey has partnered with Todd Lammle and offers a wide range of Network Training for individuals, corporate customers and Government clients.  Todd Lammle, CEO and President of Lammle.com, has chosen DRA to be the exclusive training provider for all Cisco R&S, Collaboration and Security courses.  Fidelis Networks also provides CompTia’s NET+ Security+ training as well as Cisco CCNA and CCNP bootcamps for Internetworking Training.

Our Corporate Headquarters is located in Austin, TX

8300 Palmer Lane
Austin, TX 78714

Main Office: 512.651.8300

Network Infrastructure Solutions:

The network infrastructure is the foundation of every successful business. The basic components of every network are end user workstations, servers, Routers and Switches. Effective communication between workstations and servers require a sound network topology. When properly configured, your routers and switches can provide network resilience and availability. Proper implementation and management allows for fast recovery network interruptions. Routers and switches are the vehicles through which cost-effective bandwidth becomes highly available and scalable.



Video & Voice Solutions:

With unified communications solutions, you decide how and when you receive your messages. Allowing for retrieval of any communication form such as accessing your voice messages over your PC or your e-mail over the phone, provides you a greater level of control over your communications, thus increasing organizational productivity. With a solution that allows you to route your messages in any way that you choose, customer care can become enhanced by virtually eliminating any gaps in communication.

Enterprise Security Solutions:

The burden of researching, selecting and implementing network hardware and software to meet your company’s security needs should not fall on you alone. Our expert, trained and certified engineers assess your current network configuration and make sound responsible recommendations. If you need a security assessment for insurance purposes, we can assist you by working with your insurance underwriter and ensuring that your coverage is both adequate and comprehensive.

We will identify the security threats in your network and offer advice on future upgrades. We will also recommend the types of products that will work best with your existing setup.  Our experts will guide you through the installation and implementation process. We also provide you with product literature and documentation to help in your purchasing decisions.

Wireless Solutions:

The ability to communicate and access information securely without limitations to physical cabling and physical devices is available.  Wireless technology offers you more effective productivity throughout your working environment.  DRAs offers customers the most comprehensive and cost effective solution for the design and deployment of wireless network infrastructures. The solutions offered will allow your environment to transport mission-critical data, voice, and video communications.